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Help Make Your Neighborhood Safer for Children

Do cars use your neighborhood for a cut through? Are the posted speed limits abided by? Do children and pets play in areas where vehicles speed through?

If you live in a neighborhood like we do, chances are that many people do not follow the posted speed limits. Daily we have numerous cars that cut through our street and do so at high rates of speed. Most of these drivers either do not live in the neighborhood and/or do not care. On any given day, there are numerous children,pets and adults in the area these speeding cars make a constant threat to their safety.

Being a sign company, we have been approached by many individuals for signs, in addition to the regularly posted speed limit signs, that can help deter speeders

 We have a variety of them at , but one of our most popular ones is our Slow Down This is a Neighborhood Not a Racetrack Sign. It helps get the point across to reckless drivers in a bright easily read sign. Customers have contacted us and have told us that the signs actually do help in slowing down cars and help to keep communities at least a little bit safer.