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Beware of Fraudulent Sellers from China Offering Salagraphics Signs

Today we were informed that some of our products have been copied fraudulently and are being sold on auction sites under different sellers names stating that they are Salagraphics products. The products in question are either inferior knock-offs or false listings to rip people off. If you ever purchase a product from Salagraphics, it will be made and Shipped from the United States. We are the manufacturer and the only manufacturer of salagraphics products. We are in the process of taking legal action against these companies and will keep our buyers informed of the results. In short, salagraphics products are sold on a few platforms including this website, Amazon Under Seller name: Sala Graphics  and Ebay Under the Seller Name of salagraphics all of which reside in the United States and most of which offer free shipping. If you ever have a question of a products authenticity, please contact us at and we will confirm the product. We are proud to create American made products and will continue to fight for our rights in doing so.