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Question: I Saw a Sign Saying Not to Feed Ducks Bread. Does Bread Harm Ducks?

This topic has come up recently because people have read signs posted at ponds, lakes and other bodies of water, about the harms of feeding ducks bread. Many are wondering if it is true or not.

If researched online, you will find a variety of answers, but the common bottom line is, Yes, bread is not good for ducks or the bodies of water.

We were approached years ago and were commissioned from the Girl Scouts in our area to make a sign stating the reasons for not feeding ducks bread and alternative foods to feed them. We added the sign to our product line and it has become a very popular item. Hopefully it is helping to promote heathier guidelines for feeding ducks and also helping to cut down on harmful algae growth as well.

Read the following article and research it for yourself, but if you look into it just a tiny bit, the overwhelming answer will be "DO NOT FEED DUCKS BREAD".

One supporting article from a State Government website can be found here

There are numerous other sources online stating the reasons for not feeding ducks bread and the harm it may cause. It seems simple enough that there are definitely better foods that they can be given as a replacement for bread and by doing so, we can help better the ducks and their environment.